Thursday, December 29, 2005


When purchasing Vintage Costume Jewelry you should:

Ask questions about the history of the piece

Check the back and front for repairs and replaced stones

Carry a magnifying glass or jeweler's loupe

Check that the pin back is secure and is working properly

Put both earrings on to see if the clip is tight and will stay on your ears

Check that all the prongs are tight and not broken

Rub bakelite to create friction, it should release a smell reminiscent of formaldehyde

Buy from a reputable dealer, it may cost you a little more but you will be buying the real thing not a repro


If it is too good to be true, it probably is!!!!!


Store vintage jewellery in a dry area. Moisture will corrode metal

Use mild soap and water to clean your pieces. Dry carefully and then finish the
drying with a hair drier.

You can use silver polish on sterling, but be very gentle as you may remove the
wonderful patina that made this piece so special.

Be careful with foiled stones, cleaning them with liquid may remove the foil backing.

Store in boxes or on jewelry trays, not plastic bags as condensation can occur.
Use a pearl cloth to clean pearls

Buy a sunshine cloth to keep your pieces clean and polished


Remember that these pieces were made as “throw away” jewelry and do not have the strength of gold, and platinum. So be gentle handling them, but do not be afraid to wear your pieces.

Be creative: wear your jewels in your hair, on a purse, on your shoes

Mix your styles, metal tones and textures.

Cluster groups of pins, stack bracelets on your arm.


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