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Coro was founded in 1901/02, and was at one time the leading and largest manufacturer of costume jewellery in the world, with sales of $33 million a year at their peak. They had factories or plants in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, England and Mexico.

I particularly like their pins.

The Coro name is made up of the first 2 letters of the last names of the founders, Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger. Corporate name was registered in 1943.

Couture designers played the major role in establishing costume jewellery as an acceptable fashion item and costume jewelry companies like Coro were responsible for making it readily affordable to the mass market.

Charming Coro baubles, including the much sought-after clips, could be picked up at the local five and dime. Their upscale line, CoroCraft, offered high-end sterling silver pieces. Other branches of the Coro family include Vendome (60s), CoroCraft, and Francois, a short lived but beautiful line.

Through much of Coro's long history, Adolph Katz was responsible for the designers and marketing choices. He did not design jewelry. He selected the designs. According to Brunialti’s book Coro’s designers were:
Gene Verrecchio [Verri]--1938 to the end of the 1940
Charles E. Pauzat--1939-1940
Oscar Placco--1938-1945?
Robert Geissman--1938
Sidney Pearl--1941
Carol McDonald--1940
Lester Gaba--1941
Marion Weeber --1940-1941
Victor di Mezza--1950

William Spratling, Hector Aguilar and other silversmiths of Taxco, Mexico, made many piece for Coro's line of Mexican silver (and gold-plated silver) in the 1940's.

Many Coro, piece’s are highly collectible, such as their duettes, enamel florals, figurals and sterling pieces.

The old Coro enterprises ceased their operations in the 1970's.

I have many of Coro Patents available. #101117 to #152102
, #152103 to #177241

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