Friday, November 10, 2006


Boucher Cyclamen Pin

BOUCHER 1937-1971
copyright symbol used after 1955
MB (Boucher)
phrygian cap mark
made in Mexico for Boucher during WW11

Marcel Boucher left France in 1925 for the United States and designed for Cartier. In 1937 Boucher established his own company, Marcel Boucher and Cie Company,. Sandra Raymonde Semensohn joined the company in 1949. Marcel and Sandre later married. Both Marcel (Cartier) and his wife Sandra (Harry Winston) began their careers in fine jewelry design. They created dimensional jewelry using multidimensional intricate enameling techniques and coloured rhinestones. Their upscale costume pieces show the same awareness and commitment to detail. The Phrygian cap* signature was used in 1937-1938. Marcel Boucher died in 1965. Sandra Boucher, his wife, ran the company until 1972. Boucher jewelry is usually signed and carries an inventory number. Boucher jewelry is high-end and can be tough to tell from the real thing.

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