Saturday, February 18, 2006


“Hollywood Jewelry Mfg” started making jewellery in the mid 30’s. The name was changed to “Hollycraft” in the late 40’s. There is speculation that the name was changed because of the similarity of names with “Joseff of Hollywood”. Pieces were not signed until 1948 and they did not date or use the copyright mark until 1950 through 1959. “Hollycraft” is known for their distinct antique gold settings and the use of colorful glass and rhinestones. Some of the most popular designs from the 1950s are those using a pastel pallet. Favourite colours are amethyst, aqua, citrine, pink, olivine and are rich and complex in design. Most pieces are nearly always done in gold-tone metal findings. They were leaders in creating much of the 50s costume jewelry. Many pieces have become classics and are avidly sought after by many collectors. Because of the use of dates many collectors only collect by year!

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